Monday, February 11, 2008

monday...t-minus 8 days

so today was the last days for orgs to register their teams for E-GAMES. It looks like we are going to have an excellent turn out...all the big guns are registered - AIAA, TBP, BMES even some of the historically smaller orgs look have made a push to really be seen and heard at this year's competition. I am betting for a real thriller in this years "Quest for the Golden Calculator". If you are not aware, the great golden calculator is offered to the winning org as a trophy signifying the champion of E-GAMES. Their orgs name is forever carved into the shimmering gold placard at the base of this almighty trophy, and their legacy literally etched in Jacobs school folklore. The great golden calculator trophy itself has an amazing almost mythical story to it....forged in the fiery depths of mountain doom, this TI-83 holds the power of all graphing calculators no matter the model number of even brand. Thus any who are in possession of its awesomenessity will gain unimaginable calculating fortitude....and as it stands on display in the great halls of the Science and Engineering library, S&E to the locals, this emblazoned piece of engineering might waits eagerly to share its powers with a new owner. Who will be blessed with the ONE calculator that rules them all? I know AIAA - the defending champs - will do anything to protect their precious. Only time, engineering savy, skill, and, as always, a little luck will tell. Come Tuesday February 19th the fate of the Jacobs School lies in the hands of 16 engineering student orgs.

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